Imagine you could live better and certainly longer with optimal health..

Our program

Become a  therapist of life

Ondévit (Ondevitale) energy will help you move forward on this path by providing you with the physical, mental and spiritual forces you need.

Well being as bonus

By discovering this energy, you will live much better and certainly longer. I will learn you how to concentrate an personalize this energy.

Very softly

You will progress at your own speed and then use these techniques as a true professional for you and your loved ones to help them in solving their problems.

Your freedom

With Ondévit, it is also your freedom that we protect:  to learn, to heal yourself, to live by fçrging your own ideas through your experience of vital energy.

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You will need a miror to beautify your reality !

The Ondévit® energy (Ondevitale) will help you move forward on the path by providing you with the physical, mental and spiritual forces you need .

Les fondamentaux

A universal energy.

Allow me to present to you the journey of a young electronics engineer, rational and materialist. During a consultation with a Dutch therapist in 1982, I discovered an energy, which had not been taught to me during my major in atomic energy.
During my training as an energy therapist, I began to discover some properties of this new energy for me. After intensive research, I was able to build a machine to focus and personalize this energy.

The Ondévit method that I have developed since 1983 has allowed me to discover more and more about this universal energy. By helping others discover this energy, I have deepened my knowledge myself. This is what allows me to say that I have lived better and certainly that I will live longer.

To live better and longer ...

If the idea of the existence of a magnetic field repels you, then the rest is not for you, but if you think that it is possible then the way opens before you to live better and longer with it. experiences that I wish you incomparable!

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We (almost) all have a medicine cabinet in our home with all the products for the small accidents of everyday life.

Certain products are indeed very necessary..


The power of written words.

The energy of the letters of the alphabet is contained in the written words. Stop looking for the product that matches your problem!.
 Describe your problem and with this description compose your products. In short, let your imagination run wild and look no further. The products work very quickly, a few minutes up to a maximum of 3 days to notice the differences. Without any risk of side effects because the energy carrier is neutral.

This training will give you the techniques, the philosophy and the limits of your FARMAGIE®


Imagine that you could compose all these products yourself with the energy of the letters of the alphabet, as Ondévit® therapists have been doing since 1983.

Everything is in a small cabinet, a jewel of Mauritian craftsmanship

Notre engagement

Our code of ethics is based on total respect for your integrity. Since 1989, the Ondévit® foundation has ensured compliance with this code of ethics, which governs the profession of Ondévit® therapist. You will find it on the website


In case of illness you must consult a licensed therapist.

Ondévit IS LIFE

Ondévit® is not a medical treatment – it is more about the discovery of the energies of life applied to your better-being.


Us & You

The Ondévit® therapist are essentially researcher of life energies.


Ondévit is probably the best  informational and quantum technique for helping you improve your physical, mental and spiritual condition.


The only publicity campaign we do are the results you achieve with the Ondévit treatments.


Ondévit® gives probably the best optimistic message you can imagine because statistically 98% of our clients notice an improvement in their condition..

Start Your First Course Today

You will follow your Ondevit evolution step by step. The first step is learning of the muscle test.
Then level 1 the basics and Ondévit®  test,  then level 2 the philosophy and professional practice, and  level 3 all the available special techniques

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Become a therapist of life

Discover a universal energy and make a partner benefit of it!